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26th-Feb-2007 01:49 pm - The Bob is dead?
phil why the face
I was just wondering what ever happened to the Bob award...mostly cause there hasn't been a contest in a while and my House has been ahead for over a month. XD So what's going on with that? :3 Does someone need someone to maybe hold another contest or something? I have time...>.>
22nd-Nov-2006 08:10 amNo Subject
yah, i know i promised to stay. But i've so many things going on in my life atm that communities have become such a low priority, and i've lost my motivation for them. therefor, it's bye for now! Maybe i'll return one day, but I'm just doing a big cut on communities right now. I really enjoyed being elite!
15th-Oct-2006 08:28 amNo Subject
Just letting you guys know i'll be in London next week for a few days, meaning i won't be able to post thursday's quotes. I hope that's ok. Tuesdays quotes and Guess Who is no problem
10th-Oct-2006 05:49 pm - Application Issues
alan rickman sup?
I've been getting some comments lately from people who would like to apply but can't figure out how to. Now, let me specify the issues being had. I was told that they were told to post an application but they can't until they join the community and they can't join the community until they post an application and get accepted? Does this community have a setting so that only members can post? Cause if that is so, I don't understand how people can post an application. O_o Please explain the details of applying step-by-step so I can help out those who wish to join. Thanks!

26th-Sep-2006 04:36 pmNo Subject
spn ; cas ; nerdy angel
The ApplicationCollapse )

I hope that was enough information, and I look forward to seeing the decision.hey
17th-Sep-2006 01:55 pm - before i forget
ALSO. Can we get a "TOTAL" points bar on the user info page?


24th-Aug-2006 05:15 pm - Trying to get it straight
Okie dokie... just a few things...

Understanding it all a bitCollapse )

-Marissa (hoping to be a god of SEX! <<---- is insane)
23rd-Aug-2006 03:30 pmNo Subject
Can't believe I'm the guinea pig.

The AppCollapse )

There ya go, Haley!
22nd-Aug-2006 06:33 pm - Welcome!
Welcome to elite_spirit!

elite_spirit is the online community spirit house for the hogwartssorting community. We have felt the need to seperate from hogwarts_spirit to bring about spirit in an entirely different way. We strive to come up with the most ingenious ideas that have not been done before, or to improve on ideas that have been tried in the past.

This community is only for those whom are willing to participate on all accounts. Only those willing to do so will be accepted.

Obviously you know that.

This is my welcome, nonetheless.

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