Chrissy is a crazy panda (justanerdyangel) wrote in elite_spirit,
Chrissy is a crazy panda




How long have you been a member of hogwartssorting?
It will be two years on the 14th of October.

Why do you think you are elite?:
I think I'm elite because, although I'm accepting to everybody, not everybody can get in on something and not everybody can have what others do.

Are you a member of hogwarts_spirit?
Yes, I am.

If you answered yes, please tell us what you have contributed to the hogwartssorting community through hogwarts_spirit. If you answered no, please tell us why:
Although I am a member of hogwarts_spirit, I haven't been able to participate in any of the contests because of my school schedule and the amount of homework I have from there.

What will you contribute to the Elite?:
A lot of participation (I promise!) and I'll bake cookies for all of us to share. Cause sharing is caring.

What is your favorite color and why?:
Black, because that's the colour of darkness and night. And at night you can see stars. And Star is my Wiccan name.

I hope that was enough information, and I look forward to seeing the decision.hey
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