Parachutes. (telephonication) wrote in elite_spirit,

Name/Username: Tati // telephonication
Age: 17
House: Ravenclaw
How long have you been a member of hogwartssorting? Quite a few months now.
Why do you think you are elite?: Because it's been since your community's opening that I've been wanting to join and (I'll explain later on in the application why I didn't join sooner) even though I had no positive results, I kept on pressing the matter. I'm not one to back down from something I want just because it wasn't working out for me at first.
Are you a member of hogwarts_spirit? No, I'm not.
If you answered yes, please tell us what you have contributed to the hogwartssorting community through hogwarts_spirit. If you answered no, please tell us why: I had planned on joining this community as my first spirit community when it first began, but the whole "born bright" thing isn't so true. See, I had so much trouble posting on this community that I figured I'd wait a little longer and see if I could come to some realization on how to do it.
What will you contribute to the Elite?: I've been dying to participate in everything you all post on hogwartssorting. I always have answers for them, but I could never do much of anything without being a part of the community.
What is your favorite color and why?: Yellow. The brighter shades remind me of summer days and picnics. The warmer shades remind me of leaves turning yellow and gorgeous reds in Autumn and really great smells that come with the cold weather. It's an all around great color, obviously.
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