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Name/Username: Rachel / Shania_Nowhere
Age: 19
Why do you think you are elite?: Because I love a good challenge and always meet it with everything I can offer, and often win the competition in some way. I tend to take an active roll in clubs and I feel I would do my best to represent Ravenclaw, helping to beat those Slytherins out for house cup! ~_^
Are you a member of hogwarts_spirit? If so, what contributions have you made to the community?: I'm not a member of the community but I'll be sure to join it now! I wasn't aware of it until now, but if I was a member I would try to participate somehow in every contest to come along, just for the sheer fact of doing my part for my house. ^_^
What will you contribute to the Elite?: Anything and everything that I possibly can! Like I said, I love a good challenge so either participating or helping create challenges, I'd gladly do what I can to make it a success.
What is your favorite color and why?: I love pink because it's so pretty and can be both powerful (hot pink) and subtle (bubblegum pink). It's noticeable because it's not a very popular color for houses and cars, so it attracts more attention. To me pink is a very happy color, it's romantic and lovely! :-D
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