Delusional (mystifying_haze) wrote in elite_spirit,

Can't believe I'm the guinea pig.


Name/Username: Marissa
Age: Seventeen
Why do you think you are elite?: I don't exactly think I am elite but I'm quite active (I think) and would love to contribute a lot to this community.
Why not just join hogwarts_spirit and save the hassle?: I've joined that community but it's only like a sponser community right? I'm hoping this community will have a brain of it's own where the elite can give points too and such.
What will you contribute to the Elite?: Anything you ask for really. I have a lot of time on my hands and spend hours on the net each day.
What is your favorite color and why?: Black and not just because of Snape's clothes. Black is a a colour that goes with everything and it represents my personality. Quite dark and secretive.

There ya go, Haley!
Tags: application
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