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Trying to get it straight

Okie dokie... just a few things...

[X] Caption Contest: I can upload the images to a server and all but Haley, you've got to get them for me. I don't know how the judging is going to work but as we said before, I think we should have someone from each house on the panel and of course, they will not be able to participate. The points:

First: 35
Second: 25
Third: 15
Participation: 10

I think our point system should be joined with the official House Cup. Yes, we have an award here on our own but if say, Hufflepuff members (if they join) scored loads of points here and not much in the main community, it could help them out. I want the Cup for the Slytherins of course but we gotta be fair, right?

[X] Quotes Contest. Haley, I think it might be good if you start on Monday so you can have time to arrange the quotes and such. But how will you find the winner? I doubt it would be fair if it's the first person that gets it right because other people may know the answer but couldn't comment first because of the time difference. But do you have it all set, need help?

[X] Guess Who: I don't know whether some of you know this but I suggested we have a Guess Who game. Basically, each week we have a member from the community who stars in it. If it was Slytherin's turn and Haley was the star, we (Slytherins) would have to discuss the clues we give to the community. Once the questions are discussed, our prefect (Tamara) will post the questions on say a Monday (?) and the main community will have until Friday to guess which Slytherin we're talking about.

Okay, example: We have 10 clues to give the main community.

Clue 1: This person has -inserts number- brothers and sisters.
Clue 2: This person believes chocolate is the worst food ever.
Clue 3: This person loves -insert character- from Harry Potter.

....And so on. Get me? It would be a good way to get to know each other. Of course, we have to give good clues because not many people know each other here.

I'm no good with explaing. Tamara's spoken to the Headmistress about this and she likes it.

The points will be the same. We should have a steady point system so we don't bother the Headmistress, as Haley said...or was it Tamara that said it?

[X] What kind of layout should we have? Should we add more questions to the application? I think we should get this community ready and organize everything before other members join. I'll try to make banners for us and I thought we could all have a name system? Like names from the Geek Gods? I don't know much about the gods but I can research and give brief information about the gods so we can all vote on each other? This will have to come later once we're all settled but what do you guys think? I thought claiming Harry Potter characters is just used too much and this could be unique, new and special.

As for The BOB, maybe we could have another unique name and make a poll and see what others think?

-Marissa (hoping to be a god of SEX! <<---- is insane)
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